Extract gDNA from Buccal Cells

Fluid Transport

The MLX BCG096 was developed to extract genomic DNA from buccal cells.  It can be used with any open platform automated liquid handler or manual multi-channel pipettorDesigned to be used with any PCR microplate, tube, thermal cycler or real-time PCR system, our system offers versatility at a low price per prep.  Our kit includes the consumables*, microplates, reagents, and buffers to extract gDNA.

Purified gDNA from buccal swabs are ready to use in PCR and quantitative real-time PCR amplification.

  • Format – 96 well or 8 well strip
  • Elution Volume – 50 to 200 µL
  • Processing – Centrifugation or Vacuum
  • Run Time per Prep – 35 to 45 mins
  • Yield – 400 ng

*Does not include pipette tips for automated instruments.

For more detailed information, please go to the Resources tab for the User Manual.

Buccal Cell DNA Recovery